Hero Plus Merchant Portal: How to View Your Account Details

Welcome to Hero Plus - we are so glad you are interested in being a part of our community. In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to view and change details in your Account.

1. Portal > Account

Once you have successfully logged in to the portal, select 【Account】close to the bottom of the left-hand menu column. Under each section, you will be able to edit and view various essential information. Let's take a look:

1.1 Merchant

    • Under Merchant, you will see the Merchant and Bank Account Details sections.
    • Merchant - the following information can be viewed and edited (except for the Business Registration details):
      • Display Name
      • Legal Name of Business
      • Business Registration Certificate Number
      • Category (of business)
      • Logo
      • Cover Image
      • A brief description of your business
    • Bank Account Details - similarly, you may view and edit the information below:
      • Bank Name
      • Bank Code
      • Account Number
      • Name on Account
    • After editing any information, click the orange "Save" button at the top-right corner of the section.

1.2 Stores

    • Under Stores, you may view and edit more details about your business/store as follows:
    • Store Name
    • Address
    • Opening Hours
    • Phone Number (store's)
    • WhatsApp Number (store's)
    • Line ID
    • The URL of your business/store's website
    • An indication of your Store Type (Physical, Shopify, Opencart, or WooCommerce)

1.3 Contacts

    • Here under Contacts, you will find your contact details in the Account Profile section:
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Number
    • Email Address

1.4 Members

    • Under Members is where you will be able to add managing members, who will have access to this account and your transaction records.
    • Click the orange "Add Member" button. In the subsequent right-hand pop-up window, enter the Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Role (Merchant admin, Store admin).
    • Click "Save" to confirm your addition and pay attention to the indication of how many members you can add and how many members you have added in the main display section.

1.5 Billing

    Billing contains several sections:
    • Your Plan - this is where you can view the plan you have subscribed to, when the subscription ends, pricing, billing cycle, and next billing date.
        • You may click on "Change Plan" to view and select other plan options.
    • Billing Details - you may find our edit your payment method for your plan and WhatsApp Business usage, including your credit/debit card number, expiry date, CVV, and name on card. You may also add another card here.
    • WhatsApp Business Pricing & Monthly Usage Estimate - to help you estimate how much your WhatsApp business usage costs, the table will show you your conversation category, cost per conversation, count, and estimated cost (per category and the total amount).
        • Note: the usage estimate is updated daily at 2am HKT, and the billing cycle ends on the last calendar day of each month.
    • Invoice History - Last but not least, view your Hero Plus fees and charges here.